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The company was founded by Cpt. Ryszard Borowski in 1989 in the form of a single representation in Gdynia. The primary activity during this period was the repairs organization in the Polish ship yards for PPI Lines british owner and supervision of those repairs. All (several) of the vessels of that company was remodeled in Polish shipyards, mainly in the Remontowa Shipyard in GdaƄsk. In cooperation with the Maritime Agency, Cpt. R. Borowski also organized the Polish crews on vessels for above owner. In 1989, on these ships, were employed about 260 sailors.

In 1990, there was separation of the PPI Lines from the Maritime Agency and set up a new company under the name "Ryszard Borowski Agency" with headquarter in Warsaw, implementing the current tasks alone.

In 1992 the company was moved from Warsaw to Gdynia, where it continued activity. In 1997, on the basis of company in new city, was established UB Shipping Limited Poland Sp. z o.o. The name changing stemmed from the fact that the PPI Lines fleet was purchased by another company - UB Shipping Ltd. London. In the newly established company, 80% of shares belonged to the UB Shipping Ltd London. UB Shipping London (Ugland Brothers Shipping) was a member of the Ugland group - known Norwegian ship-owner family with widely extended shipping operations, production, investment and trade.

In 1997, the level of seafarers employment has reached 882 people and continued to grow up. The company has also started trainings for polish seafarers and organizing repair brigades.

In 1998, the position of Executive Director of the company was taken by captain Jerzy C. Puchalski and as a result of changes in the organizational structure of Ugland Group, UB Shipping Poland superiority was transferred to IUM Shipmanagement AS (Grimstad, Norway). Consequently, the polish company from 25 June 1999 changed its name to IUM Poland Ltd Sp. z o.o.

The main tasks of IUM Poland Ltd. Sp. z o.o. were: organizing and supervision of ships repair in Polish shipyards, organizing and supervision of ships repair during their lifetime at sea, performing of technical and commercial ship inspections, organizing of agency service during the ships stay in polish ports and employing on owner behalf polish crews on its vessels.

Polish seamen employed through the IUM Poland Ltd has grown from 260 in 1989 to 941 in 1998 and 1430 - in 1999.

IUM Poland Ltd Sp. z o.o. was the second largest company in terms of sea employment in Poland (according to data of the National Labor Office).

Since 2000, PMS (Planned Maintenance System) has become the third important and growing part of business. In this section from 2003 were employed 5 employees, since 2006 - 8 specialists.

15 December 2005, as a result of the acquisition IUM Shipmanagement AS (owner of 100% shares in polish company) by Teekay Corporation, the company name in Poland was changed to Teekay Marine Services Ltd Sp. z o.o. In accordance with the wishes of the new company owners, activity has been reduced to crewing for Teekay only, but PMS for TK and other shipowners.

Due to organizational changes in Teekay Corporation in October 2008 decided to close TMS PL. 31 May 2009 operational activities of the TK company were completed. Since this time AS-Tech Solutions s.c. continue existing activities of Teekay Marine Services PL.

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