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O!JA - Online Job Application by AS-Tech Solutions.

The limitations associated with COVID-19 put new challenges in the field of crew activities.

By limiting direct contact with seafarers to a minimum, we must ensure a continuous flow of information necessary for the proper recruitment process.

Our remedy is O!JA - Online Job Application.

O!JA is an online platform that allows the exchange of necessary information between a seaman and a crew office.

Using our O!JA platform, candidates can apply to the company and supply all necessary information right away. It securely transfers all personal data, employment history as well as licenses and certificates together with their digital copies.

Full integration of the O!JA platform with the ODMS Personnel platform allows for immediate transmission of this data to the office, where it is verified. This process shortens the seaman's preparation for boarding to a minimum.

The O!JA platform also allows data exchange from the office to a seaman. A seafarer who has an account on our online platform can receive recruitment documents from the office (COE, allotment confirmations, etc.).

Everything is done securely using encrypted links and meets all GDPR requirements.


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