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ODMS Documentation

ODMS Documentation program is working with ISM Manuals and Forms management, gives quick access to Vessel's ISM manuals and allows to fill in all the necessary forms included in ISM manuals.

The program allows to create Change Proposals to existing Sections of Manuals which in result can keep the instructions up-to-date and follow all the changes. All above mentioned data can be easily replicated between Head Office and Ships or Side Offices.

Each person can make change requests and send it to the head office using ODMS Replicator.

If change proposal is approved, updated documents is replicated back to all offices and vessels.

The user can check the change request's status.

By integration with MS Office system, it is possible to use MS Word documents and MS Excel worksheets to prepare and fill in documents and forms. It is also possible to insert several other kind of data Main functions of ODMS Documentation:

  • ISM Manuals
    • Quick access to all shipboard manuals (viewing & printing)
    • Filtering of displayed manuals by Rank
    • Creating change proposals for selected manuals
  • Forms
    • Creating new form templates
    • Generating new documents based on form templates
    • Full access to previously filled Documents
  • Data replication
    • Replication of all changes done in the database between vessels and shore office
  • Compatibility with MS Office Applications
    • All manuals and forms can be created in MS Word or MS Excel applications
    • and then imported to the ODMS Documentation database
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