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About us

The beginnings of the company's history dates back 1989 years when Cpt. Ryszard Borowski involves a company in the form of single representations in Gdynia. During this long - 20 year period of existence - time, the company goes through various phases of its activities (detailed history information - History tab), and finally, 1 June 2009, to become an independent company - AS-Tech Solutions s.c.

Currently, we are one of the largest and most experienced companies in the maritime sector.

The fleet, which we recruit both officers and crew and that we provide IT support, has a total of over 100 vessels.

We conduct trainings in PMS (Planned Maintenance System) and general IT scope.

Experienced and professional team of people makes that the AS-Tech Solutions is a continually evolving company. Many suppliers and long-working relationships with them makes us a guarantee of high quality of service and give very good reputation for the future contributors.


Company Policy

AS-Tech Solutions crewing activity main aim is to hire, train and retain committed and dedicated seafarers, building a strong and lasting cooperative relationship in the process.

The office staff provide a welcoming environment and courteous disposition towards all seafarers.

The office staff treat all seafarers with respect at all times and this respect is to be reciprocated to promote harmony on-board.

Under no circumstances shall AS-Tech Solutions  ever request a recruitment fee.  

AS-Tech Solutions seeks to provide the highest standards of service to the seafarers and to achieve this, the company fully recognizes the vital role that its shipboard personnel play.

The company recognises the right to fair terms of employment at a workplace that is free from discrimination of any kind, that provides decent living and working conditions, health protection and welfare measures whilst on board the vessel. The Company will ensure that these terms are followed.

The company is committed to improving seafarer’s lives at sea and ashore as an ongoing priority.


Privacy Policy

Click here to view privacy policy of AS-Tech Solutions s.c.



Recruitment of ratings and officers is an effect of additional Employers marine personnel requirements determined on the base of expected additional vessels manned, attrition of Seafarers and AS-Tech Solutions reserve analysis.

·    Recruitment is responsibility of the Crewing Director, who in accordance with Employers policy and service instructions will accept applications from persons fulfilling Employers requirements after interviewing and taking into consideration following criteria:

-    Certificate of Competency, grade and validity incl. endorsement,

-    Certificates of courses attended,

-    Sea service time, experience, incl. experience on vessels/ engine concerned,

-    Testimonials and recommendations from previous employers,

-    Medical fitness  (as per MLC2006 recommendations),

-    English language proficiency.

·    To evaluate of applicant’s qualifications and suitability, time he has been employed with previous company, frequency of vessels/ companies changing and other aspects shall be considered. Whenever it is possible previous applicant’s crewing agent should be consulted for evaluation. In case of senior officers candidate performance shall be checked with at least two previous employers.

-    Applications should not be accepted from persons below 18 years of age. According to the Company policy retirement age is 65 years.

-    In case of top deck officers initial interview shall be performed by office senior deck staff. In case of engineers/electricians office staff with technical background will perform initial interview respectively.

-    In each case new senior officers applying for employment or  internal promotion,  Officers should be in addition interviewed by Employer representative .[ for TK  it will be TMM Stavanger or TMM Glasgow respectively ].

Applicants shall in addition perform Marlins , CES-5.0 test and PI Survey

All newly recruited seafarers, especially planned for vessels with multinational crew, shall undergone Marlins test.

In recruitment policy highest priority should be given to graduates of Maritime Universities; in each case however it should be considered first whether there is any suitable candidate for promotion amongst existing  TMM PL sea staff for subject position.

Applications should not be accepted from the persons not possessing valid certificates required by STCW-78/95 Convention as ammended, Flag and Polish Maritime Administration regulations. As deck officers are concerned, applications should not be accepted from persons not holding valid GMDSS Certificate.

All candidates shall produce valid International Health Certificate issued by one of the appointed Medical Centers.


Validity and conformity of all documents held by the Candidate should be checked before acceptance of the Application. If necessary documents shall be confirmed by Maritime Office in Gdynia.


Compliance with MLC 2006 – Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services


To define requirements for  compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006, Regulation 1.4, Recruitment and placement 


This applies to all seafarers who are recruited and managed through AS-Tech Solutions

MLC Requirements

Regulation 1.4 of the MLC requires that, as a minimum:


·         All seafarers will have access to an efficient, adequate and accountable system for finding employment on board ship without charge to the seafarer.

·         Seafarer recruitment and placement services operating in countries that have ratified the MLC will conform to the standards set out in the MLC.

·         As required by each flag state in respect of seafarers who work on ships that fly its flag, ship owners who use seafarer recruitment and placement services that are based in countries in which the MLC does not apply must ensure that these services comply with the MLC requirements.


The company must hold a copy of the recruitment and placement agency’s license / certification to operate as issued by the  administration. If the administration does not issue or require such certificate, or the agency operates in a country that has not ratified the MLC, the agency is required to provide other evidence, such as that obtained from a recognized classification society stating that it operates within full compliance of the MLC.

AS-Tech Solutions Agreement with ship-owners and seafarers employers

Agreement should clearly indicate what tasks and responsibilities the Employer is delegating to the Recruitment and Placement Agencies.

As owners under MLC 2006, the Employer retains the final approval and responsibility for entering into an employment agreement with the seafarer.

Prevention or Deterrence from Employment

AS-Tech Solutions will not use means, mechanisms or lists intended to prevent or deter seafarers from gaining employment for which they are qualified.


AS-Tech Solutions will not charge seafarers directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any fees or other charges for recruitment, placement or providing employment, other than the cost of the following:

·         Obtaining a national statutory medical certificate

·         National seafarer’s book

·         Passport or other similar personal travel documents (not including the cost of visas, which will be paid by the company)

We will clearly indicate at the start of the recruitment process any costs that seafarers will be expected to pay, such as those listed above.

Personal Data

AS-Tech Solutions will maintain an up-to-date register, available for inspection, of seafarers recruited or placed. It will also maintain, with due regard to the right to privacy and the need to protect confidentiality, complete records of the seafarers covered by their recruitment and placement activities. These seafarer records are to include the following:

·         Qualifications

·         Record of employment

·         Personal data relevant to employment

·         Medical data relevant to employment

When required by the agency agreement, this data may be maintained within the Employer’s company personnel system.

AS-Tech Solutions will liaise with the Employer to:

·         Ensure that requests for information or advice from families of seafarers while the seafarers are at sea are dealt with promptly and sympathetically and at no cost to seafarers or their families.

·         Maintain up-to-date lists of the ships for which they provide seafarers and ensure that there is a means by which the agency can be contacted in an emergency at all hours.


Age Limit

AS-Tech Solutions will carefully check the age of seafarers and must prohibit the engagement or work on board a ship of the following:

·         Any person under the age of 18



 Seafarer Rights and Duties

AS-Tech Solutions will inform seafarers of their rights and duties under their employment agreements before signing. This includes advising seafarers of any particular conditions of their job and of the Employer’s policies relating to their employment.

Employment Agreements

AS-Tech Solutions will issue the appropriate Employer  seafarer employment agreement ( SEA ) or liaise with the Employer to ensure that it is issued. The agreement will be in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and any collective bargaining agreement / enterprise bargaining agreement that forms part of the employment agreement.



AS-Tech Solutions will not recruit or propose seafarers to work on a ship unless they are trained or certified as competent or otherwise found qualified to perform their duties and have successfully completed training for personal safety on board the ship. Seafarers must hold the documents necessary for their job as indicated at Agency Agreement or STCW.

Medical Certificate 

Prior to seafarers beginning work on a ship, we need to ensure that they hold a valid medical certificate attesting that they are medically fit to perform their duties at sea.

The medical certificate must be issued by a duly qualified medical practitioner or, in the case of a certificate solely concerning eyesight, by a person recognized by the competent authority as qualified to issue such a certificate. Practitioners must have full professional independence in exercising their medical judgment when undertaking medical examination procedures. 

Complaints Procedure

AS-Tech Solutions must examine and bring to the attention of the Employer any complaint about their activities, including any unresolved complaints, which can then be reviewed by the Employer with the aim of achieving a satisfactory conclusion.

AS-Tech Solutions should also ensure each seafarer is made aware of The Employer’s  complaints procedure prior to embarkation.

Any complaints about AS-Tech Solutions services shall be submitted to the Crewing Director in writing (by email or post). The company will acknowledge receipt of the complaint providing information about the maximum time for resolving the matter. Every  complaint will be treated individually. The matter will be investigated and attempted to be resolved at the lowest level and in the shortest possible time, up to a maximum of 10 working days.

- By email to : asadowski@as-tech.pl ( email received by Crewing Director )   

- By post to : Crewing Director

                   AS-Tech Solutions s.c.

                   Ul.Orna 6/3 , 81-574 Gdynia

In case of an unsatisfactory response, the seafarer has the right to appeal to the State Administration (Maritime Office in Gdynia).

Urząd Morski w Gdyni 

ul. Chrzanowskiego 10 

81-338 Gdynia 

tel. (58) 355 3101; (58) 355 32 20 

e-mail: dumsekr@umgdy.gov.pl; wm@umgdy.gov.pl

AS-Tech Solutions has a responsibility to inform the State Administration about any unresolved complaints.

Compensation for Monetary Loss

AS-Tech Solutions must establish a system of protection, by way of insurance or other equivalent appropriate measures, to compensate seafarers for monetary loss that they may incur due to the failure of the agency.

It is being met by means of Insurance extended into AS-Tech Solutions  recruitment and placement  activities. 

In addition system of protection is established  supporting any monetary complaints towards Employer :

-  AS-Tech Solutions will  came into an agreement with Employer to administer his payroll system of recruited seafarers. It will be done by means of advance funds request for next month wages and travel expenses.

- AS-Tech Solutions will came into agreement with Employer to act on his behalf with Employers Travel Agents to secure timely travel arrangements for embarkation / disembarkation from the ship at any time as per seafarers employments articles and on Employer cost.

Prevention of Exploitation

AS-Tech Solutions will not accept any attempt to :

·         exploitation of the seafarers with regard to the offer of engagement on a particular ship

·         opportunities for exploitation of seafarers arising from joining advances or any other financial transactions that are handled by the agency

Every attempt shall be immediately reported to AS-Tech Solutions either directly to AS-Tech management or by using Complaints procedure as described above

Seafarer Documents

AS-Tech Solutions will ensure that all mandatory certificates and documents submitted for employment are up to date and have not been fraudulently obtained, and that employment references are verified. 

Next-of-Kin communication

AS-Tech Solutions office staff will ensure that proper information will be given to next-of-kin upon their request
subject to the provisions of polish law. All communication with seafarers family is free of charge. Only Next-of-Kin assigned by Seafarer will be allowed to receive information.

Communication can be establish by means of telephones, e-mails, post and personally in our office.
AS-Tech Solutions office is open Monday - Friday from 0800hrs till 1600hrs (official holidays excluded).
Postal address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are available on our web page:
www.as-tech.pl  in group Contacts – crew department.
In case of emergency AS-Tech Solutions will ensure a proper communication will be establish with Next-of-Kin assigned by Seafarer.

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