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ODMS Replicator

Replication Manager (ODMS Replicator) is an advanced tool for replication tasks in multidatabase environment. This tool finds application in dispersed systems where traditional data exchange is hard to achieve. Applying commonly used standards ODMS Replicator is able to integrate with almost every e-mail software. Especially it is possible to exchange data between a head office, branch offices as well as vessels. Each site uses different sort of e-mail software. For example, the head office can be connected to Internet via fast line and MS Exchange (or other e-mail server), branch offices can be connected via modem and telephone line and use one of the freely available e-mail server. Vessels have their own e-mail software integrated with satellite connection (for example GlobeWireless). In each of presented situations, the common ground is ability to send e-mails over Internet.

Replicator Manager is a powerful tool for persons responsible for data exchange. They can manage data sent and received. There is a possibility to decide which data packages should be sent and/or received. Packages are sent to each destination site independently.

The main advantage of this application is reduced data flow between replicated databases. It means that only changes in the databases are being replicated. Every time you prepare packages with update information for other database sites, program searches for updates and new entries and generates a compressed text file which is being automatically transferred to e-mail box. Replication Manager allows you also to specify what data to be replicated (you can limit the data flow).

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