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ODMS - specialised program to manage and exchange your data between company sites or with your business partners. Modular structure provides "tailor made" solution and allows to reduce costs of implementation. Unique method of data replication allows you to keep communication / internet traffic at minimum level. Originally program was built for maritime business, to provide data exchange between vessels and management office(s), but due to its structure AS-Tech will provide maintenance / purchasing / personnel / documents management modules for all types of activity.

ODMS Personnel

The module consists of full set of tools required for crewing process management as well as crew management (employment documentation & history, payrolls, allotments, certification, planning and more ). Variety of functionalities allows to use it as a toolbox at daily operations. It allows to keep all scanned copies and other files of personnel documents and certificates. more

ODMS Documentation

The main purpose of ODMS Documentation is to handle ISM Manuals and Forms management. The program gives quick access to Vessel's ISM manuals and allows to fill in and exchange all the necessary forms included in ISM manuals. The program allows also to create Change Proposals to existing Sections of Man uals which in result can keep the instructions up-to-date more.


The module that could be implemented as a part of your existing ISO Standards. ODMS Plan - professional but still user friendly way to achieve best quality and efficiency in planning maintenance and costs control. ODMS Plan is designed for all those who need systematic control of maintenance, guidance on service, spare parts and/or purchasing of plant parts, and management of certificates. more

ODMS Replicator

This module provides data exchange between individual modules of ODMS suite at many locations. Data are exchanged automatically over the internet and/or disk files. ODMS Replicator is an advanced tool for replication tasks in multidatabase dispersed environment. Different modules of ODMS suite can be implemented for instance in a head office, branch offices, vessels etc. more


Using our O!JA (Online Job Application) platform, candidates can apply to the company and supply all necessary information right away. It securely transfers all personal data, employment history as well as licenses and certificates together with their digital copies. more
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